NFL Heading Towards Flag Football - Dawn of NFFL

Couldn’t agree with Coach Reid more!


American Football isn’t my thing, though it has very heavy contact.

I’m more of a rugby person, and we’re seeing the same things happening. The move towards tag rugby being the norm is happening, albeit slowly. We also have the differentiation of rugby union and rugby league, with league having far less contact.

I have mixed opinions. Union is a lot more interesting to watch. The contact and flow of play are what make it. League is… okay but rather dull.

All that said, the health of the players should be above all else, and contact sports have been shown to be really rather brutal. Alzheimer’s is no joke, and the number of incidents of paralyse or even death from contact sports is concerning.

But I’m not the best to comment on this as I don’t really care for watching any sports apart from some beach volleyball…

The Roman Senate never visited my avatar about this kind of concern and we KNOW how savage the Colosseum was…