Newest Dragon Fly G3

We haven’t had any hands on with this yet though we expect once it gets closer to shipping we will as several customers we are sure will be interested in this.

The two notable changes over the previous gen are the adoption of a 3:2 aspect ratio display (definite win for a least US business customers) and that it is no longer a 2 in 1, but a conventional laptop form factor.

I’m curious about how this change will be received. On the one hand, we know from our own “census” data, the 2 in one form factor has virtually never been a top line feature requirement. OTOH, “influencers” often are the catalysts for adoption of newer/innovative tech in business.

On the third hand, adopting a more conventional form factor should allow HP to address some heat issues with the current Gen Dragonfly.
HP Elite Dragonfly G3 hands-on - The Verge


Win some, lose some. I see no mention of a pen so I guess it’s moot.

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I missed that but you are right. I’ll ping HP and see if it’s been dropped. I’m also wondering now in our admittedly small base of users of the current Dragonfly what level of pen usage is.

Purely anecdotal, but the two more prominent users I’m aware of, do use touch but I haven’t seen them using a pen with them. :thinking:

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I recently bought an HP Spectre X360 14 rather than the new Dragon Fly G3 mainly because the latter is no longer a 2-in-1. I was using a Surface Pro 6 sans keyboard beside an external monitor and really liked the extra desktop (physical furniture) space using that configuration. The Spectre I’m using in tent mode uses about the same amount of space. However, the Dragon Fly just wouldn’t cut it, using so much space beside my monitor. Other than that, the Dragon Fly was appealing.