New York Times Pricing Rant

I’ll spare you all my general NYT rant to focus on this - they are trying to hook Wordle fans with what looks like a great deal - $4 every 4 weeks for News, Cooking, Games, etc. for one year, then jumps back to $17 every 4 weeks - NOTE - this is NOT a monthly subscription (unless we just sprouted a 13th month). So basically a weekly subscription. They have the absolute right to price as they see fit, but with monthly subscriptions (with annual contract discounts) the norm, this is like putting 9.5# of flour in the 10# bag…


Wait, do you object to the pricing, or to the fact that they charge every 4 weeks instead of every 30.5 days? 13 pay periods per year vs. 12 pay periods? Seems like it’s just marketing, they can show a smaller number, and leave it to the consumer to calculate to annual cost.

Yes and yes (especially the $17/4 weeks after one year). I really object to the “4 week” advertising even if price year one is negligible.

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I was bored with Wordle anyway

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