New Ventje "higher tech" Campers

So I’ll admit to having a soft spot for these as some of my best childhood memories are associated with trips and excursions with my grandparents in them.

These look enticing because of the seemingly “smarter” tech integration. Now I really want to see one as something along this line is definitely in my retirement future


From the article:

The battery has a capacity of 95Ah, which Ventje says will last “three or four days” before needing a charge, allowing for a long weekend off the grid.

Only if you know how to be very power-frugal and if that’s a LiFePo battery (which is okay to run down to 15% or so).


Thanks for that, I know next to nothing about campers other than that one day I plan to own one

Okay until it rains. If it doesn’t rain much where you live, then fine I guess.

I’ve seen conversions like that before. Ford Transits were popular.

The smallest I’d go to would be a Romahome R20 Hi (Based on the Citroën Berlingo). My mum has wanted one for years.

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