New Teams/Smart display from Lenovo

This is why I often despise the Tech blogs…

Lenovo was showing this at CES and it seems like ARS didn’t even bother to talk with Lenovo on who this was meant for or positioning etc.

Yes on the face of it, it’s expensive for a consumer product, but its’s not intended as a consumer product and the needs and likely buyers of this have a very different needs/requirements list. Most basic being that a company will likely lease not buy these and also in bulk.

The article mentions the smaller existing Lenovo display which we’ve heard has sold well to the intended markets. We have one customer that bought 15 of them for their team “huddle” rooms.

Lenovo announces a $2,345 FHD smart display for video calls | Ars Technica

pretty much all whiteboard devices are commercial focused.

The article knocks the resolution, but for a 27-inch Screen, an HD Res isn’t the end of the world.

Even with the Surface Hubs, 4K may look good on paper, but it doesn’t exactly go very far when you scale it up to a 50/85 inch display.

I do think the Price is a bit high, not so much compared to a HUB, but most of the Hub Competitors hit the relative same $3K price range with mostly the same specs; Android/Raspberry Pi based OS’s, passive pens, but with larger 50-ish inch screens.

For their sake, I hope they don’t gimp the poor device by limiting what it can do. I’ve recently got alot of Surface Hub 2S experience under my belt, and its ungoldy pathetic how much functionality they stripped away, not just from the OS itself, but even in Teams, they gutted it. For the Hub version they removed the chat feature, you can’t blur/alter the background, can’t share files, etc. If Lenovo wants this thing to take off, I hope they offer up full functionality.