New Samsung Viewfinity S9 display- Apple Studio display competitor

Samsung has often been accused of copying Apple and in this case, that’s pretty on point, but this looks to exceed it in multiple ways including being much more compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad Pro, Tab S etc.

Plus it’s got their smart platform like in the M8 as well as allegedly being DCI-P3 98% gamut which should make it very good for HDR movies and games (though it doesn’t have the super high refresh rate of a true gaming display)

This will definitely be among my first stops at CES

EDIT: oops, forgot the link

Samsung’s ViewFinity S9 is a stylish 5K display for creative professionals - The Verge

PS: We are hearing that it will be targeted at ~$1000 which is a bargain considering the specs.


One additional comment. I’m assuming they are using the same calibration software through the “smart things” Samsung app for this display as well.

If that’s the case, it will be excellent and something you’d be hard pressed to exceed with even a $1k colorimeter

From the Verge article.

““The built-in color calibration engine ensures precise screen color and brightness, allowing users to adjust white balance, gamma, and RGB color balance for perfect accuracy with their smartphones through the Samsung Smart Calibration application,”

Or how about 57 inches worth of miniLED goodness? Resolution: 7680x2160, aspect ratio 32:9. Perfect for when you want to watch two 16:9 movies side by side. :upside_down_face:

Technically very impressive, but extreme overkill IMHO. This almost looks like a “flex” on the part of Samsung and likely they don’t actually expect to sell a great many of them.

OTOH we’ve heard the Odyssey Ark exceeded initial expectations…

Adding that to my list to look at as well

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HD600 is good enough, with the Smart Things colourimetre (nope, not gonna spell either of those wrong), Tizen TV OS (so changing settings and inputs won’t be a pain), matte finish, and a 4K webcam packed in… that’s a steal!

If the refresh rate is at least over 60Hz and the response times reasonable, it may well be the perfect all around display.

So I attended an "insider " showing of Samsung’s displays and other devices and if anything, this is even nicer in person . Easily one of the nicest looking devices they have made yet.

Right up there with “the frame” tv line.

And despite what you may have read on places like CNet, it does have very good integrated speakers which got surprisingly loud. It also has a slightly newer spiffed up version of Tizen as well.

I wasn’t allowed to actually test since they said the sample was pre production. but looking at things like the pantone web site, the colors looked amazing.

Actual retail price is still TBD.
I REALLY wanted one after seeing the sample. :slight_smile:

PS: Both DEX and Stage Manager were flawless on it.

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