New Framework 13 & 16

Framework announced new 13 inch models (Intel 13th gen, AMD 7040 Series) today, as well as a 16" device with a new type of GPU expansion bay (that includes potentially upgraded cooling) and modular input bays.

The 13 is an actual product I’d be more interested in. Really the AMD 13 is one of the first non-touchscreen / non-tablet devices to tempt me in a long time. Mostly, I love their philosophy on repairs, and a Zen4/RDNA3 would be a huge leap from my Pro X.

That being said, the 16 is exciting from a new technology standpoint.


A few folks in the tech discord I am in have the 13in & they all seem to really like it & are excited for the AMD cpu. I’d be interested if they offered a convertible like the Yoga or old X201T.


No touchscreen / digitizer is a no-go for me but I do like the modular concept (and would pay extra for it). I like design in the screenshot above as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The benefit of an open modular design!,unit%2C%20and%20even%20the%20distinctive%2C%20user-replaceable%20expansion%20cards.

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I know some people hate him, but Linus had a good summary of the changes (personally, I tend to like the videos presented by others on his team more than I like the ones he presents). It has a really awful clickbait title and thumbnail as is necessary on Youtube these days, but once you get past that there’s some good information in here. Disclaimer though, as is noted in the video, he is an investor in Framework, but most of the video was factual and not opinion-based (and the ‘bad decision’ referenced in the title is not having invested more :roll_eyes:). The Framework CEO makes an appearance as well, but doesn’t really provide much new info.


For what it’s worth, they’ve confirmed the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 models will be the newly announced 7640U and 7840U, as pretty much everyone expected.

I love this idea, can’t wait to see the 16 in production. (That is if I can afford it…)

Torn on whether to get the 13".

On one hand, it’s a good spec and there’s longevity, flexibility, and possibility with the components. A UK ISO keyboard as well.

But maybe 13" is too big for what I want and at around £1,500 and I won’t get it until maybe September.

Then again, not sure I want to risk it with GPD, even if the Win Max is 10" and seems to be getting OCuLink (and a dock to go with it).

I know they are relatively small, but that’s not great.

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