New Dynabook Portege

This is a product line that I had significant fondness for when they were under the Toshiba Brand. They tended to be a bit pricey, but were also among the best, most solidly made devices in Toshiba’s line (which unfortunately more generally were all over the place) and typically had outstanding for the time battery life.

I haven’t bought/seen any devices since they were spun out to Dynabook, but one of our customers is interested in these, so we might get one to certify. It certainly looks like an attractive device

Dynabook’s new Portégé will be one of the lightest laptops you can buy - The Verge

PS: " 16:10 Yay" in the article ??? No, 3:2 would be “Yay” worthy :frowning:


I LOVED my Portege 3440 - it was an “Ultraportable” before we started fawning over Ultraportables. I agree 3:2 is really preferable, but 16:10 is still better than 16:9 in the long run.

Makes me wonder what the M2 MacBook Air 2022 is going to be…