Networks and tablets (internatioal travel)

For several years now I have been using a combination of NTT for wired internet and OCN for LTE service. I paid about $100/month for that service. A while back ago I discover that Rakuten (Amazon’s Japanese competitor) started to offer unlimited wireless service for less than $30/month. I was intrigued but they didn’t have any sales representatives close to where I live. Basically they want you to do everything online. Understandably since they need to save costs.
Unfortuanately, Japanese coders still don’t understand how people look for information online. I need to know that my Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 Lite (2018) was compatible. But finding that information required me to either register or visit a store with a sales representative. After a while I shook my head and resigned myself to keep being overcharged (my wireless provider gave me 6 GB/month).

Then yesterday, I went to get some batteries and a microSD card. Lo and behold, Rakuten had placed a sales representative in my local EdiOn (Japanese chain reminiscent of BB), so I went home and brought my Galaxy Tab. What follows might be an interesting stry for anyone else going overseas. The SIM card was recognized, for a short while the LTE mark in notificatons together with Rakuten as recognized network appeared in the notification bar. Happy Days!

Alas, they didn’t last. When it discovered that I was using a Samsung device it shut down my access. Tried every available setting. No dice.

Soo, here is another, rather unknown, advantage for Apple. iPads and iPhones (Rakuten even offered them as a package deal) is recognized everywhere. If you never leave Jersey (or West Texas) it is obviously not an issue, but if your job or hobby (travel) takes you around the world, issues abound.