Netflix Streaming is 15 years old today

Doesn’t seem that long ago, though I was among the first to sign up.

Also interesting that another industry game changer, the iPhone is also 15 years old this month, being announced a just a couple of weeks prior.

Early on, Netflix attributed a big part of the rapid growth in their streaming service to the iPhone.

I’ve never quite got the appeal of watching netflix on a phone, way too small IMHO, but both my daughter and son watch frequently on their phones.

Netflix’s path to being a giant began 15 years ago today - The Verge


Part of my overall dysfunction I guess - my children can almost live on their smartphones alone - for me even the iPad Pro 11 is a tad too small for what I do (or maybe it’s just aged eyes?)

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Once I get immersed in a video I don’t notice the screen size. I’ve watched plenty of movies & TV shows on my smartphone. :man_shrugging:

Heh!. The Verge made a mistake originally. Streaming is actually 16 years old so it actually predates the iPhone…

OTOH they also now point out that the MacBook Air is also 15 years old today.

Steve Jobs introduces original MacBook Air & Time Capsule Macworld SF (2008) - YouTube

LoveFilm was bigger in the UK when it was the time of postal rentals.

Oddly enough, with all that is happening in the streaming world, in the UK a company called Cinema Paradiso are doing pretty well for themselves serving that old market.

As for watching on a phone; I’m in the old man crowd and can’t stand and don’t understand it. YouTube videos are fine, but anything I want to pay attention to is not.