Nanote Next is a cheap 7 inch mini-laptop from Japan

Pentium J4205, 8GB RAM, 64 GB SSD ( not emmc), mini 7" 1080p screen, 360 degree screen laptop, 260$ pre order

No words about pen support, but I doubt it is available given the price.


I was just looking at that. It’s incredible for the price, considering comparable ones are over three times the price.

I was fantasising that Raytrek would make a version like that with their small tablet.

Keyboards are the one thing really missing from <10" devices, and the only options are 360 convertibles. No EMR ones though.

Getting serious old school Toshiba Libretto /Windows 95 vibes from the pictures.

I loved mine as much as anything for the stir it would cause when I used it in public :slight_smile: Plus I just have soft spot for really small PC’s generally.


Saw some mini laptops look exactly like the Nanote Next on our local market but with FHD N4200 8GB/128 GB for 360$. The seller said that they imported it from China with white nondescript box and no label, which was supposed to be unbranded OEM device being sold in bulk and can be printed with the seller label. The price is a bit too high compared to the Japanese version though. The seller mentioned that the unbranded OEM devices feel cheap with worse build quality than GPD.

That store also sell the unbranded version of this mini laptop which is a Celeron J3455 /8GB /128GB SSD in M2 slot, but using a TN 1024x600 touchscreen which remind me of the horrible Toshiba Encore Mini (I’m pretty sure that’s where those horrible screens came from).

So basically other than GPD and Aya Neo, there are Chinese factories producing ubranded copy cat using budget chips + older screen stock, to sell to any market, probably to capitalize on the budget market of mini laptop ( which GPD and Aya Neo seem to be ignoring). This make me wonder if there’s also an unbranded version of the Raytrektab from China.

Ah, the ‘Amazon Special’ [insert other two word combination mangle here i.e. WINGTEC].

It’s almost made me stop using Amazon.

And it’s not surprising that good ol’ Donki are selling it.

If I can buy one at Donki’s price, I wouldn’t be able to resist. The reselling price here is too high.

The Nanote next is 1920x1200 7" which make me suspect it using leftover stock screen of the first or second GPD pocket, and I remember they had MPP pen support. If you have a MPP pen, maybe bring it to Donki to try it out. :laughing: