Morefine S500 Mini PC (with higher end graphics)

These folks have an interesting and seemingly successful niche, sort of an expansion of intel’s NUC concept. They are also hard core PC nuts and superb engineers and have been a pleasure to work with in the past. Good stuff!

Morefine S500 Plus Mini PC review: Fast graphics performance, and up to 1TB storage | ZDNet


I have to admit I’m a bit curious. Pity I don’t have the need anymore.

I was so impressed with how well my Hades Canyon NUC sufficed for replacing my main desktop, I opted to replace another aging tower with a similar Mini PC, so I tried the the low end Asus PN50 (one of the Ryzen models). Thing was super tiny, like half the size of the Hades Canyon. Unfortunately it was way louder then I though it would be…even on quiet mode in BIOS, the thing sounded like a hair dryer. And its USB-C port did not wanna play nice with my monitors. Ended up returning it (something I rarely do) and ended up buying another Hades Canyon off ebay.

So with this Morefine S500, I do appreciate they are focusing on the need for the device to be quiet. And with Apples new Mac Studio now out and about, I hope that increases the amount of mini PC options like this.

Not a bad machine at all, especially seeing as (supposedly) Intel has cancelled the smaller consumer line of Nucs.

especially seeing as (supposedly) Intel has cancelled the smaller consumer line of Nucs.

wait…what? first I’m hearing of that.

Wish I’d been aware of this before I ordered two of these:
Am still waiting…

On the upside, they do look cool. :+1:t2:

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Yeah they definitely have a unique look. I wonder how the cooling is though.

Why would it have such high end specs but 4 USB 2.0 ports?

That’s on the back of the box. There are two USBC 3.2 ports on the front as well.

Likely given the device target market, there are a bunch of users with legacy USB 2 devices (keyboard, mouse, gamepad) that use the older connector.

Plus those back ports are on a separate bus and card which leaves the front ports for maximum speed

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They finally arrived [Ordered 2]. Seems ok so far after being on 3-4 hours. Each is supposed to have 1TB storage ssd and 8G ram. Still need to verify.