Minor issue with some text display in "light"mode

Again not a major issue, and somewhat display tech specific, but some might notice it such as those with VA type displays.

On the main page where the categories are listed on the left, with “new” topics on the right. the default color of the topics is a specific shade of yellow that looks somewhat pixelated compared to black text.

It is specific to VA and a few low end OLED displays that have a 4:2:2 chroma structure versus a 4:4:4 structure. Without going in to an overly long, explanation, 4:4:4 chroma pixel structures have equal numbers of RGB subpixels, whereas 4:2:2 chroma structures have a larger number of blue pixels compared to red and green.

This is not a flaw per se, as 4:2:2 is often used especially in VA type displays to provide an overall brighter image for a given power consumption.

The issue can appear though with text which is only defined by a few pixels to begin with, combined with lots of medium to bright values of yellow.

TLDR, it looks funky, and I wonder if there is another color option (mid value green or blues should look fine).

I realize this is a minor thing and I’m especially sensitive to it due to the job, but OTOH first-time users might notice it and think it just makes the site look a bit amateurish IMHO.

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