"Microsoft" Your Android

Ran across this guide while surfing today at lunch - it shows you how to “skin” and make some Android tweaks to make your Android device look and feel like Windows:


The WP10 look is kind of fun, but I don’t think I’ll do it. One thing I was planning was to port the Win11 desktop backgrounds to the Duo. Could be (modest) fun.

Why not just port Windows 11 while you’re at it…

Because I’m not yet bored with the Duo. :slight_smile:

Or one could just skip all these steps and install Win-x Launcher and get your choice of Win 11 or Win 10.

Edit. I see there’s more to it than just the launcher. I do most of it with any new android phone.

I just want live tiles back!!

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Speaking of Microsofting your Android, anybody using Office 365 instead of the individual Android office apps? Is there a reason to do so? I installed it on my Boox Nova 3 Color and it does run smoothly.

Yeah, comes with various PDF tools inbuilt.

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