Microsoft Survey on Handhelds

Did anyone else get this email?

I went ahead and took the survey because I was curious what kind of questions they were going to ask. It was mostly what you’d expect, like why did I choose the gaming handheld that I did and what did it do to my feelings towards Xbox and other consoles or to gaming PCs. Do I use them less, etc. Kind of interesting.

Some of the questioning dovetails with the rumor that they’ll be coming out with a handheld Xbox cloud streaming device. If so, my answers weren’t any help to them since I told them I have zero interest in game streaming or in Xbox gaming pass. :smile_cat:


Yes got one this morning. I’m sure due to registering and using a Legion Go for awhile, helping a customer deploy a handful of them.

And unlike you, xbox game pass would be one of my primary drivers for purchasing one, if someone can nail the hardware which to my mind, hasn’t happened yet.

PS: I’m sure this is at least one basis of the XBOX Handheld rumors as well

BTW @Dellaster Don’t know if you have tried the MSI Claw yet, but IMHO it’s a giant leap in the WRONG direction.

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Me and my ROG ally did not get one. I guess I’m not special enough.

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Nope, I had no interest in trying the Claw since I had just gotten the legion Go a couple weeks before it came out. And of course then I saw the reviews…

One of the survey questions was asking whether my Windows handheld replaced my desktop/desktop gaming PC, to which I replied yes (though it was a Mac mini; same effect). So apparently that’s not a limited thing if they’re asking about it. Interesting.

That’s the scenario that the customer with the Legion was testing. An ultra portable/handheld that could do double duty as desktop with a dock.

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No reason why it shouldn’t work just as well as a mini PC for most people. Fewer ports but a dock takes care of that and the Legion Go has two USB4 ports, making it easier. Remove the joy-cons and it looks like a little tablet, too. Not so out of place in a business environment.

The customer is still evaluating, but the Legions inability to play nice with external docks with an egpu (without jumping through major hoops) has been a stumbling point.

It’s a very niche use case, of collection of large amounts of data in the field and then evaluation of the data in office.

Yeah, you would think that Lenovo and/or AMD would at least make it plug and play with Radeon eGPUs. It’s definitely doable but more pain than it should be.

Wow - know very little about what you guys are talking about, but without a doubt we are a “niche-happy” tribe around here. No wonder I think I’m reasonable when the rest of the computer universe barely knows what we are talking about…

Also got the survey due to owning an Ally. Was kind of surprised to realize it has replaced my laptop as I often use it docked to two external monitors.


So our supply chain sources think that a Xbox Handheld is real and coming sooner than most think, possibly with the announcement of the Pro 10 WOA devices, as sort of a “one more thing”

Additionally it’s rumored that it may have a Snapdragon elite chip on board, though it may be on the price side (~$750).

I’m defintely interested as my experiences with both the Ally and Legion Go have been less than satisfactory and the SteamDeck isn’t a great option either as I’m a Xbox Live subscriber.

PS: Additional rumors say it will have the same OLED panel as the SteamBox OLED


This rumor has been a strong one for a while and one that ThePhawx has emphasized is likely given Microsoft requiring all developers to target the Series S, which has a sufficiently weak GPU and CPU configuration that a latest generation mobile SoC could play games targeting Series S.

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This would dovetail with a pointed question asking whether or not I thought current generation handhelds had enough battery life. I’m pretty sure everybody who took that survey answered no.

I’m assuming a handheld with the new Qualcomm SOC would have better battery life of course.


Another interesting rumor to add to the pile…
Allegedly MS sent out a more in-depth survey to key game developers asking them what it would take, what was needed to explicitly develop for a “windows based handheld gaming device”