Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 Discussion Thread

I do this with everything now.

Hey guys! I just got a SLS 2. And to my surprise the video playback of local files (doesnt matter if mkv or mp4) is slighty suttery and not smooth. The same videos run completely smooth on my 2017 surface laptop lol

VLC player or windows player. Doesnt matter.

Videos on youtube or netflix are buttery smooth tho. What the f* is happening here? :confused:



Weird. I haven’t seen that myself, but I have noticed that Firefox basically cannot play YouTube videos on my SLS2. Videos get stuck and don’t resume, or resume with sound only. Maybe it’s YouTube’s new anti ad-block thing, but Edge works fine.

Did you install all updates> Are you plugged in, or on battery? It obviously shouldn’t struggle with video playback of coures, just curious. If you think it’s the SSD you could try playback from an external drive or memory stick.

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Thank you my man for responding! I figured it out: it’s a media player issue. Apparently VLC (and the windows player fwiw) have issues with several codecs and newer hardware. KMplayer runs just fine.

Since you seem to have an SLS2 as well. Mind if I asked you some more:

  1. Just did some basic performance bench to see if anythings wrong. Depending on where I am looking through reviews, the Cinebench r23 multi scores for the SLS2 vary from 11000 to 16000 ( Mine is 13485, plugged in ofc and best performance mode. Could you double check with your unit?
    Cinebench 2024 is around 790 points for multi while this one here says 850 (Reddit - Dive into anything)
  2. If you could provide me with some average cpu temp during the test, that’d be cool!
  3. I get some coil whine randomly during operating, as well as a more lower and droning sound, when the fans spin (tho the fan noise itself is seperated again from that sound and not what I am talking about). Can you confirm that?

Thank you so much!