Making worse of a bad situation

On a 2-week hospital admission and there’s a coronavirus outbreak in our ward, guy next to me. Now we’re on total lockdown for a whole week, can’t leave the room and constant testing.
Still another week before discharge. I shoulda opted for a private room.


Hospitals scare the ■■■■ out of me these days. My youngest was in for surgery and we could not wait to get her home. Private room all the way, if you can.


Wow, that sucks is not a pleasant situation. Hang in there. Best wishes for safe recovery.

(Hm, I guess censored words aren’t blacked out if struck through. Interesting.)


Thanks a lot.

Yeah, I figured I’d save a little cash since I’m in for a long treatment. Just got diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. The 2-wk admission’s just the beginning of treatment. After that I’m outpatient for the next 6 months

I’m sure I speak for everyone of us when I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.


I share the same sentiments as @Bronsky! You got this, @Nnthemperor! I’ll keep you in my prayers as well.

Agreed. I had the same issue in a local hospital’s ER with a corneal ulcer a month ago. The nurse was incompetent and the staff, only 3-5 feet away from all the patients there, were openly talking about their ■■■ lives–it was a cesspool. It also did not help that the hospital system that I initially went to due to proximity referred me to an ophthalmologist, who I soon learned were in cahoots with each other, that practiced level 2 jungle medicine. You can surmise that I switched within hours to a specialist and hospital system at a local university (top ten in the country for eyecare) that truly knew medicine and cared for their patients.


Sorry to hear this! Get better!


Thanks a lot guys🙏


Same here, but mostly for financial reasons. I’m scared to death that some emergency procedure happens to be done by an out of network doctor, costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think there are some protections against that kind of stuff, but I’d rather not get into that. I’m very motivated to stay healthy!

@Nnthemperor hope you get out of there soon and in good (physical and financial) health.

Edit: Oh fk, I just read a few messages down. That sucks, best of luck fighting that!!


This is a legit concern (I used to be in health insurance IT). For instance, the nearest large hospital was in-network, but the emergency physicians group was out-of-network for like 5 years. So if you had to go to the ER, you would get the facility charges as in-network, but the physician charges would be out-of-network.


But that is only a problem you americans have.
The rest of the world has a healthsystem that works without ppl going bankrupt


Yeah, the notion that in a modern society I could be made destitute just because I got ill is abhorrent to me. Or that giving birth safely (not my direct problem, but still) could cost an arm and a leg…

I’m more than happy to pay higher taxes for healthcare that I don’t use, as others matter (and impact my life too - even the cashier at the supermarket not having to worry about medical bills), and one day I will need that healthcare too.


It is a tricky problem. I work directly in healthcare and have studied other systems. Every one of them has issues. Canadians have to come here to have timely care if it is anything outside of “normal” specialist care. These are people I know. They have to see our rheumatologists in the middle of nowhere USA. Why? No one wants to be specialists when pay really isn’t an extra motivation.

Now, general and family medicine is where our system is having issues for exactly the same reason. And, of course, cost. There is also a seedy underbelly ethics-wise when the government isn’t separated from the people choosing who gets care and who doesn’t.

Anyway, that is the counter-argument to what you all are saying. I am a libertarian at heart and even I see the need for some sort of socialized medicine. The current cost structure is unsustainable. You really want to free up people who want to be entrepreneurs? Remove the reason most of them stay at their jobs…health care.


Hang in there and get well soon. My brother had a heart condition and was hospitalized last year (when COVID was more present around here) and they stuck a COVID patient in his room over the patient’s own family’s protest that they knew he had COVID and shouldn’t be exposing someone else…