Made a Box

Did sketches in Autodesk Sketchbook on my phone, then did the 3D modeling in BlockSCAD:

exported to OpenSCAD and modified the code a bit to get the Customizer working and allow the program to flatten things so that they can be exported as a DXF or SVG and then imported into Carbide Create:

so that they can then be cut out on a CNC:

and then assembled:

Not the usual sort of artwork we see here, but it’s what I use my tablet for.


That’s awesome. That would have taken me a full semester in shop class and looked like this

Like most things, one can do the basics surprisingly well w/ a bit of preparation and the proper tools — the parts shown are pretty much as the came off the machine (just had to cut tabs) ---- naturally, for hand-work one would want to do dovetails:

That was sketched out in Autodesk Sketchbook on my Fujitsu Stylistic ST-4110, then plans drawn up in Macromedia Freehand, then cut by hand for the most part (did use a power drill for the holes for the arrowholder — there’s a reason tedium and making a hole have the homograph boring).

It’s a shame that the Sloyd method of woodworking isn’t more widely taught:

Students may never pick up a tool again, but they will forever have the knowledge of how to make and evaluate things with … hand and … eye and appreciate the labor of others.

Revisited this w/ a hinged version:

@WillAdams : Very nice. The clean lines have a very Scandinavian look to them…

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