Macs Getting Stylus With Expanded Capabilities?

Apple patents a new stylus system for MacBooks that would bring back a controversial feature (

From TechRadar

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This is so much clunkier than just throwing MacOS on an iPad Pro 12.9"


Not seeing how the dimensions for a usable touch bar w/ display translate to a stylus which is comfortable to hold, let alone write or draw with, to say nothing of the dead weight in a stylus.

A removable/repositionable touch bar shortcut key system would be a lot more workable.

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I think they got this likely completely wrong. Far more likely it’s related to the new iPad Pros and the new magic keyboard which will borrow from the Surface Pro keyboards in having a slot to hold/charge the Pencil


That makes a lot more sense.

Anyone remember any of the other patents?

Wasn’t there a stylus w/ the ability to sample colors?

I’m curious if Apple could integrate one w/ the Apple Vision Pro — could they squeeze a set of gyroscopes into one?

Or, pull a page from Sony/Nintendo’s playbook and put an IR emitter on the Apple Pencil and have the AVP detect where it is?

I really want a 3D CAD/modeling program for the AVP which has a 3D input device — I’ve crashed and burned at every 3D CAD program I’ve ever tried, but I think something like that would be workable.