MacBook Air M3

I am starting this thread only to share Thurrott’s unbelievable reviews of his 15" MacBook Air, which are :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

" It’s the little things, like effortlessly opening the lid with one finger and seeing the display fire up instantly every single time. Or the combination of these daily successes, the sharp contrast with the unpredictable experience that I get with every Windows laptop I use, experiences that are so regular in their unpredictableness, so unavoidable, that I’ve almost stopped thinking about them. Until now, of course. The attention to detail and consistency I see in the MacBook Air is so foreign to the Windows ecosystem that it feels like science fiction. But having now experienced it, my expectations are elevated…

The performance is both epic and silent: No matter the workload I threw at it, no matter how many apps I used simultaneously, the MacBook Air silently complied without a single pause or hitch, let alone any drama. I’m not sure I’ve ever used a computer this effortlessly reliable, and I have yet to experience any meaningful heat build-up, even when playing through the entire first (free) segment of the game Resident Evil 4 to its conclusion in one sitting. It just goes and goes and goes.

*I want to be clear about this. There is nothing like this in the PC space. Any laptop that’s configured such that it can handle workstation-class workloads will fire up jet engine-class fans for the duration, while any laptop that gets decent battery life and is reasonably quiet is incapable of those higher-end workloads. The MacBook Air does it all, in silence, without breaking a sweat. And it does so all day long on battery power…

It’s impossible to overstate how strongly I can recommend the MacBook Air 15-inch M3. This is an impossibly good laptop with incredible performance and battery life, silent operation, and a gorgeous thin and light form factor, one that effortlessly works reliably and predictably, without any pauses, hitches, or faults. I still prefer Windows to macOS for all kinds of reasons, but I’m also on one extreme end of a range of users, and most people will have no problem switching to the MacBook Air. Certainly, no one would ever regret this purchase. It’s just about perfect.

The MacBook Air 15-inch M3 is highly recommended and without reservation."


Give me one that I can conveniently write on and use with touch, and I’ll consider it!


I thought the same, at first, @JoeS. However, even though I am using the older and heavier M1 Max MacBook Pro, I have the same observations as Thurrott. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t like a lot of things about MacOS, and for me it has been a very trying nearly two year experience of on again off again attempts. But for the last six months it has been pretty successful thanks to solid advice I got from @Desertlap a long time ago (and which I didn’t embrace until this final successful switch) - “Quit fighting it and try to get used to doing it the MacOS way.” I’ve done just that, but cheated on two essential utilities (for former Windows users):

  • Magnet - gives you 90% of Windows Snap

  • Alt-Tab - you can tab between all open windows of all applications, not just between applications

Would I jump for a MacPad - in an instance - but will I leave my new Apple overlords for a WinPad - no.


I switched to an M1 MBA, I tried many times to go back to a Windows device, and all the things he points out kept me as a Macbook user, zero fan noise, just open/shut and “it works”. I must have bought and returned 4 Windows laptops in the past 3 years, even supposed quiet and thin ones were SO noisy compared to the MBA! HP Dragonfly, Lenovo Yoga 9i and Dell XPS are the 3 I remember.