Mac Studio (and Pro)

Happy to be true to the spirit of TPCR, an enabler for buying new tech! :laughing:


Thanks for component play-by-play, much appreciated.

Funny thing is I built a very similar 3080 system for a friend last year, and all I kept thinking was “Man, why do I keep torturing myself? This is what I need right here!”

Alright you guys convinced me, PC Master Race all the way.

Buut, I can’t bring myself to go back one gen (I like my new and shiny! :P). So I think I might go with either an Oculink-ready GPD Win 4, or the upcoming Minisforum UM790 XTX (also with Oculink).

And then keep my options open for the best GPU out of team R, G, or B. :wink: —with a One Dock.


Optimum Tech did a comparison of the M2 Ultra to his custom loop 7800X3D 4090 SFF PC:

The 4090 crushes the M2 in the Cinebench gfx bench, but surprisingly, in real-world video editing operations (DaVinci Resolve), the Mac often edges out his PC.

So at least for NLE performance, the CPU is still king and the Ultra is no slouch.