Looking for a Computer Game Recommendation

So. After a bit of browsing, I decided to try Inkulinati; how could I, as a member here, turn down a pen-based game? The purchase link led me to GoG, which reminded me that I actually had a GoG account, though I’ve never used it (long story). Made the purchase, installed the GoG client, but… the game will not install. I login and start the download and I get cycled back to the login again (sometimes also demanding that I reset my password).

So that’s where things temporarily stand. This week is hellishly busy for me, so I’ll have to chip away at this problem as time permits.

In the meantime, thank you all for your help and comments. I trust that no Surface products were harmed as the result of these discussions!

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I just purchased this using Paypal.

Then selected it in my game library:

and then downloaded the “offline backup game installer” (I don’t use GOG Galaxy)

which resulted in a file:


in my Downloads folder, which I was able to run and begin installing:

which was successful:

and it runs:


Couldn’t get the game to work w/ a Samsung S-Pen, which is the height of irony, so filed a bug report.

We’ll see.

Also asked after it on their forums:


It’s been made in Unity, and Unity didn’t supported stylus input for a long time.

Niantic games also use Unity and only got Spen working in 2021. On PC you can at least alter the stylus input to mimic a mouse, which should work. It seems it was fixed in Unity 2020.3.14 which was released in July 2021.

Inkulinati’s Kickstarter started in 2020, so they may well be using a version of Unity where pen support is broken.


@WillAdams : Thanks for your follow-up. I actually considered using the back-up game installer option but saw no reason not to use Galaxy. I’ll try your approach when I have my next opportunity…

I’ve been a fan of the Fallout series for years. I still enjoy Fallout 4 as a good FPS. Several ways to play and different difficulty levels. Once you learn about Mods, it never gets boring for me.


@palaver : Thanks for your comment. I’ll take a look at Fallout.

@WillAdams : Thanks for your shadow install comments. I got the game installed as you reported and I’m seeing the same issues. The Asus Pen doesn’t work, nor does touch. Trackpad and mouse are OK. I’m finding the game moves a bit difficult to understand, but I’ve only spent about an hour with the tutorial.

As for the GOG Galaxy app itself, numerous Internet searches and attempts to uninstall it have been unsuccessful. I’m talking to GOG now with the hopes that they can help…

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It should just be in ‘add and remove programs’.

Anyway, another suggestion if you’re after an adventure is Hogwarts Legacy. Great game.

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@Tams : The problem is that the GOG Galaxy app apparently got corrupted when I first downloaded and installed it. The corruption prevents it from successfully downloading games so it’s a nonstarter. I’ve made several attempts to uninstall it, but I keep getting an error message that says the files are corrupt (duh!) and the app cannot be uninstalled. I worked up to the dreaded registry edit method, but stopped short. I’m hoping that GOG has a custom uninstaller because I can’t be the first person who’s had this problem…

PS: All things Harry Potter are off the list. After years of continuous reruns on TV, I’ve had it…!!

After all this I’m hoping eventually we’ll get some reviews and first impressions! :slight_smile:

Give Hogwarts Legacy a go! It’s set much before the Harry Potter books.

OK; a couple of first impressions (bearing in mind that these are extremely early).

First, I’m unimpressed with the GOG Galaxy app. Any site that can’t manage to download and install a proper copy of its own client doesn’t deserve much respect. Assuming that I’m ever able to remove Galaxy, I’m going to be very reluctant to try it again at a later date. You’ve all been warned!

Second, I’m going to steer everyone away from Inkulinati, at least for now. It’s still marked as “in development,” and although the game seems to work I think it could use some additional polishing. For one thing, the game doesn’t respond to either pen or touch which, as WillAdams points out, is kind of ironic. In addition, the mechanics of game play are a bit obscure; I’m still having trouble figuring out how to move players and perform actions (there’s this weird thing about characters having to sleep when first created… getting them to wake up isn’t obvious…) I’ll think better of Inkulinati once I’ve learned the groundrules, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy.

I might be headed for a shooter game after all…!

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Not sure how this plays, but it sounds interesting:

It’s basically a visual Lisp wrapped up in the idea of arranging magical cards to build spells.

I’ve had no major problems with GOG Galaxy (just a purchase taking time to come through), but the thing is, is that it is entirely optional and isn’t the original way you downloaded games from GOG.