List of Windows 11 tablets and convertibles with stylus

I beg to differ as an owner of the original (real leather) Folio. It is very much like carrying a real leather binder (like the pre-everything has to be a computer days); the switch from typing to notetaking and back is much smoother and convenient.

The REAL problem is price. Once you add i7, 1tb, and 5g you are NORTH of $4,000. You can get a MBP 14 and iPad Pro at those prices…


The X1 Yoga 8th gen has been announced for April 2023. See also the press release, and the TPCR thread.

It has some nice specs:

  • 500nit 3840×2400 OLED screen
  • 2xTB4 ports, 2x USB-A, HDMI 2.0b, and a headphone jack.
  • Storage up to 2TB,
  • RAM up to 64GB LPDDR5.

Not too shabby. Starting at $1860 though…

Lenovo YogaBook i9 dual touch screen.


Also the ThinBook Plus was announced.


Now that IS impressive - what do you think - 23Q4 or 24Q1?

Monica Chin agrees with David and she says June at +/- $2000:

Also noticed she said she was in the “Lenovo Suite” - the GOOD STUFF is off the floor…

Neo materialized. No thanks to MS.

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In the video @˜2:37, a nice view of the keyboard…

Anyone else think they should just go full LCARS, and make whole bunch of nerds really happy? :grin:


Credit to MrMobile for showing it off/promoting it.


Lenovo Thinkbook Twist. Interesting, it twists like the X200 series, but one side is oled the other side is a color e-ink display.


Interesting that it is the same 1.35kg (2.98#) as the dual screen Yoga Book 9i…

The Lenovo X13 Yoga gen 4 has been announced. Good looking specs: 13th gen Intel, Iris Xe, up to 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD, 13.3” 16:10 OLED available, starting weight 2.64lbs, oddly two battery options it seems (41Wh and 54.7Wh) 2xTB4, 2x USB-A, HDMI, 3.5mm, pen tech likely AES.

Starting at $1380, release date May 2023.

Added the 2022 Huawei MateBook E to the list. Another one of those rare OLED Windows tablets. Here’s hoping for a few more in 2023!

Another one, spotted by @Desertlap : the TCL Book X12 Go. Lightweight, Wacom AES, low cost, what’s not to like? (slow, small battery, flimsy keyboard :vb-grin: ). See this forum post.

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That actually looks pretty decent. I liked the m pen I had with the Mate 20X. It was pretty accurate except at the very edge of the phone, but much better than AES pens I’d used to that point. I wish it was a little smaller and had a better keyboard option, but I like the direction it’s going.

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Just had another look at Asus’ offerings. Good grief, the number of models is crazy! (thanks to whoever added lots of those to the top post).


Yeah, the their number of offerings is crazy (but hey, more choice is better in the end) and they seem to hardly promote pens/styluses on most of the models that have them.

It took me a good hour to go through their website.


Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 seems to be discontinued:

only the 16" model now:


I’m surprised they’ve even bothered keeping the line going at all.

Typically half-arsed by Wacom.

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