List of M.2 NVMe 2230 SSDs (Microsoft Surface and Valve Steam Deck compatible)

The following is a handy dandy chart I stumbled on tonight that lists all the M.2 NVMe 2230 SSDs on the market along with their rated speed and IOP read and write performance. Credit goes to Discord user 123123321#2537 who shared this on the Steam Deck Discord server here (server registration required to view):

Brand Model Capacity Bandwidth Sequential Read¹ Sequential Write¹ Random Read² Random Write³
SN740 2TB 4.0x4 5150 4850 650K 800K
SN740 1TB 4.0x4 5150 4900 740K 800K
SN740 512GB 4.0x4 5000 4000 460K 800K
SN530 1TB 3.0x4 2400 1950 410K 350K
SN530 512GB 3.0x4 2400 1750 310K 150K
SN520 512GB 3.0x2 1700 1400 270K 280K
SK Hynix BC711 1TB 3.0x4 3500 3000 475K 430K
SK Hynix BC711 512GB 3.0x4 3200 2350 430K 430K
SK Hynix BC511 512GB 3.0x4 2300 860 200K 190K
KIOXIA BG5 1TB 4.0x4 3500 2900 500K 450K
KIOXIA BG5 512GB 4.0x4 3500 2700 400K 430K
KIOXIA BG4 1TB 3.0x4 2300 1800 390K 200K
KIOXIA BG4 512GB 3.0x4 2200 1400 330K 190K
SAMSUNG PM991A 1TB 3.0x4 3100 2000 380K 330K
SAMSUNG PM991A 512GB 3.0x4 3100 1800 350K 320K
SAMSUNG PM991 1TB 3.0x4 2300 1350 180K 260K
SAMSUNG PM991 512GB 3.0x4 2200 1200 120K 240K
SSSTC XA1 1TB 4.0x4 2400 1950 Unknown Unknown
SSSTC CL4 1TB 4.0x4 3700 2600 Unknown Unknown
Micron 2450 1TB 4.0x4 3500 3000 450K 500K
Micron 2450 512GB 4.0x4 3500 3000 380K 500K
Micron 2400³ 2TB 4.0x4 4500 4000 650K 700K
Micron 2400³ 1TB 4.0x4 4500 3600 600K 650K
Micron 2400³ 512GB 4.0x4 4200 1800 400K 400K
¹ MB/s

Speaking of which, being a curious cat and a glutton for punishment, I just ordered a 2TB Western Digital SN740 from Taobao via Superbuy here. With any luck, I will be off and running and installing one in the next month or so in my very own Surface Pro 8.


Dang. Now I understand what constitutes a 2230 SSD. Size does matter.


Hey, how did this go for you? I am also looking to install into a Surface Pro 8 and it seems like this is the only option for 2TB

I am in the process of a return. The SSD I received was defective. Apparently, in speaking with other users online, at least one who someone else ordered worked fine. In either case, I should be getting a refund in the next week.

However, the Micron 2400 series was available for $400 on r/hardwareswap on Reddit a few weeks ago. I have been using that 2400 series SSD in my Steam Deck and I can confirm that that works swimmingly!