Lenovo x12 Detachable (the best Surface clone)

Figured I should start a topic for what is probably the best windows tablet/detachable/surface-clone.

ThinkPad X12 Detachable | Windows Tablet | Lenovo US


Some pretty good deals for these going on!!



Interesting unit. The “prebuilt” unit closest to my i7/16GB/256GB SSD SP8 is the one on the right in @JoeS image above (which is 512GB SSD, keyboard and pen included) and is an unholy steal at $1,179. TBH - Not sure what protocol “Lenovo Digital Pen” runs. And it wouldn’t have LTE like my SP8.

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Yeah I don’t think I’ve seen 50% off at Lenovo before. It’s usually 40% at best. I swore I wouldn’t buy anything from Lenovo.com again, but man those prices are good.

Notebookcheck test here:

Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable Gen 1 Review: Laptop tablet hybrid with LTE & Tiger Lake UP4 - NotebookCheck.net Reviews

There is 4G LTE, wacom AES 4096 and TB4. Notebookcheck note: 89%. Seems quite capable and complete!


It’s AES2.0
The only downside is that the included pen is not magnetic.
You can get the magnetic pen from Lenovo for $55+ (last I checked) … or Aliexpress for $34.

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