Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 3

Technically this is quite impressive. But I wonder who the target user/market is. “Creatives” is often used, but IMHO is almost useless as a term. The tech geek part of me wants one, just because…

Hopefully one of our customers will submit one for testing and I can get it out of my system.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 Review | PCMag


When I saw that I immediately thought "Office O’s (OneNote/Outlook) on the second screen and TWO Word docs in front of me… :drooling_face:

I did get to see it for about 10 minutes when it was first announced but that was with about 10 other people wanting to see/touch it.

I will say it’s a beautiful piece of kit, with a very premium feel to it.

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Hate to admit I am looking, but the i7-12700H/32gb/1tb WITH 3 year onsite warranty is $1443, BUT would need a suitcase to carry it…

:crazy_face: :scream: :thinking: :rofl:

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For what you are getting I think (pun intended) that’s quite reasonable.

BTW: The screen supports the DCI-P3 color space for those digital photographers out there and we were told that each system is calibrated from the factory

It is Wacom AES (per Lisa - thanks @Dellaster) but it is in a SILO! That price still blows my mind given the specs (and I DO love my wife’s Gram 17 screen)…eek

OK - took three Tylenol - watched Lisa’s whole review (including this snap of her holding the gray giant) and the credit card is safely back in the wallet…


It looks like it would make for a very nice desktop replacement for some people. (And an excellent review by Lisa @lisaMobileTechReview as usual.)


Still, HOW did they reach a $1340 price point (without the 3 year on prem warranty) for 12th gen i7, 32gb ram and 1tb ssd?


Aaargh! So close…

but there’s also no TrackPoint — how can they call something a Think_anything_ w/o a TrackPoint?