Lenovo Tablet 10 - Not Much info

Hello :wave:
I recently received this tablet from itzoo. its a refurbished tablet for £50, and has 128gb Ssd, 8gb ram and an Intel Celeron n4100 chip.

came with windows 10, it supports Windows 11, which I tried, but have now gone back to windows 10.

it also supports fedora Linux gnome fine, and it can have a Active pen and keyboard.

not much is available on the Web about this tablet, and honestly I bought it as a punt as the refurb was so cheap. Surprisingly, I’m loving it for the price.

Unfortunately my device, Did not come with a pen or keyboard or lte modem, which is pot luck with refurbs, and I can’t find cheap official keyboard on ebay, nor pen.

When I spoke to Lenovo, they tried to sell me an alternate stylus, which would not fit in the body of the tablet so I ordered one from Ali ex used for £25.(half the cost of the tablet lol)

The official keyboard case is like 200 so I won’t be buying that, Its very rare. might just get a compatible case with a generic Bluetooth keyboard if needed. but I only really need the physical kB for messing with bios.

anyone used this tablet? know much about it? got any tips or recommendations for me? if I could at least find a correctly sized top screen cover like apple do that would be nice to protect the screen.

I’m not sure if getting s kb case will increase the bulk too much, but a cover that can act as a stand would be nice!

Hi, welcome to the forum! :wave:t2: The Thinkpad Tablet 10 was pretty popular with this crowd. You can find our old discussion thread here, but it’s a bit hit or miss whether pages were successfully captured. (edit: wrong tablet! See below.)

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Hiya thanks for your reply. this is a Lenovo tablet 10 model 20L4. not the ThinkPad tablet 10.
are the accessories compatible?

I wouldn’t count on that. Lenovo was fairly helter skelter in their small tablet designs.

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Oh, oops! Sorry about that.

In case it jogs anyone’s memory, this is the 20L4:

Product page here.

Is this the keyboard? Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 Keyboard | eBay

That looks a LOT like it, even though they label it as “ThinkPad” tablet 10 keyboard. Nice find!

Comparison of eBay listing and official product image

eBay listing:

Lenovo website product image:

Thanks for this. The seller does not ship to the uk. it looks like the right KB, I messaged the seller to see if they will helpe out!

thats a great find, thank you. good item and price, shame about the shipment terms.

hopefully the stylus I brought from Ali express will arrive today or tomorrow. and I hope its the correct one. you never know with aliexpess vendors!

Hello all, I have been talking to the seller for this keyboard who is based int he USA. they switched on international shipping for me but its charging me 5 times more than the kb to ship to the UK. is there any solutions or perhaps can you help me find the keyboard closer to home in the UK?

Also i got the stylus active pen pro and it works really good. I took this tablet from windows 10 to 11, but found it too laggy so went back to windows 10 again!! :slight_smile: