Lenovo laptops may get better trackpads soon

Apparently Lenovo is switching to then same awesome trackpad tech that is in the Surface Laptop Studio:

I made mention of Sensei’s new trackpads in one of the other threads talking about some of Lenovo’s new hardware.

I got hands on with them in those same laptops at CES and was quite impressed. They seemed exceptionally intuitive and fluid. And interestingly the company was touting the buzzword du jour of “AI powered” in the software/firmware that powers them.

Two other observations are that they were slightly draggy/sticky compared to something like the trackpad of a MacBook Pro. second is that to use some of the more advanced gestures/features there is a small learning curve.

And Sensei strongly implied without coming right out and revealing that Lenovo was just the first OEM to be using their tech and one engineer joked “synaptics should be very worried”