Lego Transformers

I loved my Legos as a child and my son has the same affection for them. Plus we both are Transformer fans (more the cartoons, the movies not so much)

Definitely a will buy for me :slight_smile:


Lego has been coming out with some brilliant kits lately. The Super Mario one was another of these hits. Love it!


i got a couple of plant related lego sets for mom on mothers day.

She liked them. Will get a few more. I can’t stand real life flowers,
so this worked out.



I was always more of a big box of LEGO kid. Mixes of old (very old) and new, with new sets eventually getting broken up into them. Well, except my collector’s Naboo N-1 starfighter (a mixed set; it had shiny bricks, but the ‘toy’ version had a rotating R2-D2 so…)

I did like the LEGO City sets. Speaking of which, the Wii U/later other systems game they released was great fun.

So, what is everyone’s favourite LEGO brick? Mine’s this puppy:


That’s a fantastic question!

Mine would be the differential gear from their Technics line

Quite possibly the best way to feel through your fingertips how a differential gear works…


Great topic. I was pre-lego. I had Lincoln Logs and an Erector Set. Loved them both. My kids had legos. We still have a huge container of them in the basement awaiting grandchildren. Our favorite piece was this one:


We named this person Frenchy La Qua. He was a key player in all of my kid’s Lego adventures.


I have to lament the proliferation of special pieces in today’s Lego sets.

For instance, I just feel there’s something about engaging your creative imagination to make things, like an X-Wing cockpit by turning two of these pieces on it’s backs: whereas now they just make pieces available like this:


there may be more specialized pieces now.

however, even with the transformers set, many people have
made much more sophisticated models and parts using
their own pieces rather than the simple ones included.


There’s some nifty Lego CAD packages around.
I think you can custom design and order parts with BricLink too.

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