Leaving Windows for the Walled Garden - I Failed

I have often referred to using MacOS as “left handedness” in that everything is there if you are right handed, just in different positions and modes of operation (often confusing in a pinch).

UPDATE - my reply is not a “fair” comment to MS. Window management (placement) is much easier on Windows than Mac, even when using Magnet with the Mac. In many small ways, that add up quickly, the Windows versions of the Office Applications are better, and I really like the full desktop version of OneNote (for as long as we still have it). It’s not all just familiarity and inertia.


I think the main issue with Mac is in your title. The Walled Garden. Mac/IOS/iPadOS work fine when used together AND with the software and processes Apple wants you to use. In order to maintain the Apple way, you have to conform to the Apple way, for all ways. Sure, other software integrates, but it often has to do so differently, and jump through many other hoops to actually work properly.

Windows has the luxury, and problem, of being open. They don’t purposefully put road blocks into developers ways to keep them on track. For the most part, developers have the option to make their applications intuitive for how they should be used, regardless of the OS they’re on. I don’t know that Apple will ever be that friendly. I think they feel they would lose too much to do so.


I agree, but I think if you had used BetterSnapTool instead, you would have had better results. I have a 4/5 snap area setup with CMD+CTRL+Z set up and 1/5 snap area setup with CMD+CTRL+X. I can instantly move an app to take up 80% of the screen with a keystroke or moving it to a little blob area in the bottom left. Same with the 1/5 area and the bottom right. Thus for me windows management is actually better in the mac world…but not by default or even with magnet (which is pretty limited)…

It is the same with Alfred 5. I can’t find aything like it in the windows world. :frowning: (Or Devonthink for that matter–but that is a pretty unique situation. Most people don’t want an end-to-end encrypted note taking and repository app.)

In the mac world, it’s a pretty level playing field. In some ways Mac is more open with no registry. In the iOS world, though, I completely agree with you.

The registry is a forever pain point with us for multiple reasons. Rumor is that it will start to go away with Windows 12 though.

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That would be absolutely flabbergasting. I can’t even begin to figure out how they would do group policies without the registry?

Would you please expand on this? How is it working for you?

Just came across a mention of it:

and am trying to determine if it’s worth trying.

It was fine for what it was. Honestly I got tired of markdown and like rtf style editors much more. Once I switched back to Mac anyway, I could use DEVONthink.

But it was fine for what it was…very basic.

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