LAMY-Staedtler EMR Pen DIY Mod

This is a mod of the LAMY Al-Star EMR and Staedtler Noris digital jumbo.

It’s not refined, and please bear in mind that this is my first time using a Dremel.


LAMY Al-Star EMR pen
Staedtler Noris digital jumbo
Dremel/rotary tool of choice

LAMY Al-star ballpoint pen in colour of choice


:warning: Please read the notes at the end before starting.

Step 1: Remove the rubber/eraser from the back of the Staedtler Noris digital jumbo.

Step 2: Remove the plug from the body of the LAMY pen.

This is very difficult, and you may want to use the Dremel/rotary tool.

See notes.

Step 3: Widen the hole of the metal body gradually, fitting the Staedtler eraser at at intervals.

You do not need to go beyond the inset (about 1mm shy is best).

You will need to go quite deep, so depending on your bit length, may need to extend it.

Step 4: When the hole is wide enough, the eraser should fit up to the fat part. If the black plastic insert comes loose, this is normal.

:tada: Step 5: Reassemble the pen. The metal pen body will not cover the whole plastic insert. If you want to remove this, then you can trim it by 1cm (the top of the insert is 5mm).

:writing_hand: Notes :writing_hand:

  • The body plug is likely to get stuck on the Dremel/rotary tool. It will also not go back in easily as it is pressure fit

  • There is a black plastic insert inside the metal pen.

It’s unclear how this connected. It seems that with the body plug in place it is not removeable. It will likely separate during boring out the hole. It may best to remove this as soon as possible.


Incredible work!

I wonder if it’s possible to transfer the innards of the Fold edition S-pen using a similar method?

I really wouldn’t call it fantastic with how scratched the top ended (that poor, poor gorgeous Turmerline! :sob:) Out of impatience I tried using a bit that I quickly realised was a bad choice. Could have done a little worse though.

I’ve not taken apart any S-pens, though I suspect they are very similar, they likely more exposed - I used these parts as they are all self-contained.

That said, I’d have thought modding the Fold itself to accept the normal EMR frequencies might be easier. No one seems to have tried over on xda though, and if Samsung found out they’d certainly void any warranty (though I suspect you’d win if you took them to court).