Keanu Reeves To Voice Shadow

One for our benefactor:

Keanu Reeves is voicing Shadow the Hedgehog in the third Sonic movie - The Verge

“…You killed my dog!..”

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Darn, and here I was hoping for Lamont Cranston.

(yes, my kids keep telling me I’m old).

I’ve always wondered how things would have gone if instead of John Wick we had gotten the Trevainian movie, Shibumi which was what the former sprang from.

Thank you for sharing! Rumors were hinting at Hayden Christensen landing the role given his edge-lord beginnings as Anakin, but I would say Keanu Reeves is a far better, even perfect casting. His voice is a better fit: subdued with a mysterious raspiness. And of course, aesthetically speaking, the similarities between John Wick and Shadow the Hedgehog are unignorable…

The movie is going to sell like hotcakes with an A-listed actor like Reeves on the billing.

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