It started as an ongoing joke on South Park, but boy did they nail it

A running gag in the recent episodes is that everything is now “Plus”. So of course as usual, the late to every trend NFL decides they need some of that “plus” love too.

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“We think it’s very important to have a relationship directly with the consumer,” [Goodell said]”

Translation - “We want our hand in your pocket, not just the networks!”


Honestly, they might have something if it was for out-of-market teams (like Sunday Ticket), but since it is just for local teams, what is the point? I see CNN+ redux here.

There’s an old saying out here in West Texas about your typical cattle rancher - they’re not greedy, they just want the land contiguous to their ranch. The NFL is like that - all your revenue should be ours, so regardless whether it succeeds or fails, if it adds to their marginal revenue they’ll try to grab it. Think back about the original Thursday night NFL Network games - you could only get it if you subscribed - no lowly over the air freeloaders - that is where they would take it if at all possible.

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