It has more megapixels so it must be better, right?

Samsung sure seems to believe it for their smartphones. But… there is way more to it than that.

And in fact, while the 100mp camera in my S22 Ultra is the best Samsung camera so far, it’s still beaten in the majority of shots by both my iPhone 14 pro and the Pixel 7 with it’s “lowly” 50 MP sensor.

This reminds me a lot of the early days with 4k displays where people were buying them solely because they had more pixels, only to find out there is a lot more to making a good display that simply pixel count.

Samsung unveils 200MP camera sensor that’s likely to appear in the Galaxy S23 Ultra | Engadget

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Where are those pesky liquid lens’ we need so desperately? Looks like the “zoom” in the Fold5 will be cropping of a 2x optical 64 mp lens…

They are doing more pixel binning with it. If the rumors of it being 1/1.3"if true that is larger than what the Pixel 6/7 & iPhone 14 Pro offer currently. Might have some advantages at night if the processing is there & of course non-software based DOF should be a hair better too.

They are doing that, but have been for awhile. IMHO the issue is more to do with software than hardware. Google and Apple are simply a lot farther ahead in computational photography.

That being said, if (and it’s a highly complex if) all other things were equal having more megapixels would be a good thing as its’ more raw data to work with.

But at 200 megapixels, despite being a bigger sensor overall, the overall pixel wells are still smaller than those in the pixel or iPhone which means inherently less light gathering capability and thus more has to be done on the backend such as amplification, which then has the downside of reduced dynamic range.

That all being said, this is a new sensor and the technology continues to advance, so perhaps they have made improvements.

PS: we’ve been told by multiple experts that binning is as much art as science at present and thus every company is doing things differently. Much like local dimming in displays.

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