- Introducing Discourse AI: Enhancing Your Forum Experience with AI Bot, Summaries, and Posting Tools

@here, I am proud to announce that I have just added…

Discourse AI

More information: Introducing Discourse AI

…to our forum empowering a rich variety of valuable ways for getting our answers fast and easy and making our forum experience smoother and sleeker than ever. Here are the major improvements in fit and finish that you will immediately notice right off the bat!

AI Bot

Notice that fancy bot icon in the upper righthand corner? Give it a try! Click on that AI Bot icon, provide a quick prompt about something that you are curious or even stumped about, and you are well underway! AI Bot will instantly search the forum and provide suggestions and valuable pulled directly from our forum history. Best of all, unlike our previous third-party bot that got noisy in the forum threads, Discourse’s freshly mint official bot lives quietly out of the way in DM keeping its blare and clutter out of our forum’s conversations.


Welcome also the super charged AI-powered summaries. See the summary button at the top of the threads? In the past, the forum software would semi-intelligently but more clunkily select posts that highlighted the conversation, sometimes missing important detail. Unlike this, this AI summary is context sensitive and will reliably hit the highpoints of the thread.

AI Posting Tools

Also available at your fingertips now are AI-powered posting tools. With “Suggest with AI” get suggested thread titles that best fit the content you have written. In your post body, right click or tap and hold on selected text and voila, an AI context menu will automagically appear. You can then instantly get your text translated to English, your content proofread so it is error-free and on point, or—potentially a hit for our forum device list maintainers—your technical specifications converted into nicely formatted tables!

There will be other features rolling out as well that I will be adding once I get the bugs ironed out. Enjoy!


It doesn’t get it =P


Haha. Well hey. Spock and Data always get stumped by human in-jokes. At least the AI understands what Surface Air is. :wink:


You called?




So you’re saying I hit all the right notes and it is a hit? Haha. You got me, spell check snafus and all!

It’s my favorite typo.

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Will Apple ever let iPad Pro run MacOS?

Sorry - I botched that one

PS - @Mesosphere - you stole my prompt!


Love it!

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