Intel ARC Mobile Graphics

So first off, calling this a “deep dive” is definitely overstatement, but OTOH it is a decent primer/overview.

I don’t think Nvidia or AMD have anything to worry about in the near/medium term, but in the longer term this could be a good thing generally for a perhaps not obvious reason which is that it could/should create a more defined and stepped path for graphics performance, which should allow more flexibility and scalability for both app developers and UI design.

To oversimplify a bit, right now app designers depending on which they are coming from either face a performance cliff or no tangible benefits beyond a certain point between conventional integrated graphics and dedicated solutions.

11th gen core I with XE graphics was a major step in the right direction of course and with a small bit of revisionism is now part of the bigger roadmap.

Of course the big questions will be if Intel continues to develop it and if MS actually embraces it.

Deep Dive With Intel’s Arc Mobile Graphics: Here’s What You Need to Know | PCMag

It’s been a LONG time since PCMag did deep dives so don’t blame them for not recognizing the difference… :rofl:

Wow - two big if’s in one sentence - whatever happed to those semi-discrete graphics with Intel and a graphics chip on same SOC…I seem to remember them as the savior over Intel integrated graphics, and then along came Iris…

Question - why couldn’t Intel build a chip like the M1- or is that just comparing Apples to oranges…

For those too lazy to slog through slides: :smile:

I found The FullNerd’s interview with Tom Peterson does a good job of highlighting the consumer-facing features of ARC. Minimal marketing spin, while providing some key contextual info for interpreting the official Intel slides, particularly for GPU clocks (@15:10) and refresh modes (@29:57).