Inkling for some nostalgia for the cost of shipping? 30 Surface RTs for sale for $18 on r/hardwareswap on Reddit!

Details here at the link. Someone is liquidating 30 Surface RTs for $18 apiece to cover cost of shipping and packaging. Available to USA residents only.


Nice deal! And somewhat tempting because it’s so cheap. But I’ll give it a pass and allow somebody else who actually wants one to get it since there’s only 30. I’m not really interested in playing with one.

The first thing I look up when I read it, for those adventurous.


They are all taken now. Was quite surprised since it’s so old and outdated.

I’m out of range but don’t really need it either. look at the pile of old Wacom EMR Windows + Android tablets / Chinese drawing screen that is now collecting dust on my shelf

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