I'm leaving GoodNotes for ZoomNotes to annotate PDFs

I recently discovered ZoomNotes ($7.99 in the app store; single lifetime purchase). This video from Paperless X on YouTube quickly demonstrates how powerfully ZoomNotes let’s you handle and annotate PDFs. (Heart-eyed emoji in original.)

the BEST PDF-reader for the iPad :heart_eyes:| ZoomNotes - YouTube

The ability to create links between pages in a PDF is HUGE by itself.

It does have a learning/set up curve because it is capable of doing so much more than GoodNotes. In addition to the features mentioned in the video, you can rearrange and add pages to PDFs and export them back to PDF. Many other helpful videos on Paperless X as well. Current version is 8.6 and the developer pays attention.


That really looks cool - off to purchase…

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How are annotations handled?

I’m still annoyed that we went from annotations as a well-defined standard (originally implemented by a 3rd party as an add-on, but which Adobe promptly bought) which was quite distinct from the underlying PDF and which could be turned on/off to the current state of affairs (Adobe Reader once again updated and put yet another icon on my desktop, so I’m not feeling charitable to it — that the full version is still 32-bit is reprehensible).

You have the option of adding layers and making your annotations separate from the OG PDF.

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