If money was no object

I got to see one of these in person yesterday at a customer. It truly is a beautiful bit of hardware and the quality is top notch. But oh my the price. But OTOH if money was no object I could see having one.

Samsung AG900 Series Odyssey Neo G9 49" LED Curved QHD G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Black LS49AG952NNXZA - Best Buy


I literally, would not know what to do with one of them.

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I imagine it would be quite advantageous for a serious FPS gamer. Probably amazing-looking with Civilization VI or other 4x game, but of marginal utility. :smile_cat:

People buy even more expensive big-screen TVs for watching American football while guzzling beer with their buddies once a week so I wouldn’t look down on someone forking out the money if they’re actually competing in eSports or something. Heck, competitive mountain bikes start at three times that price. :batman_thinking:

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Ha Ha. I have a 65" QLED TV that I mounted on the wall of my family room which I basically use to watch the news, old grainy movies on Turner or even grainy-er old spaghetti Westerns. There is an occasional Eagles, Phillies or 76ers game too.

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Looks pretty handy for mixing/producing. From one of the BestBuy reviews:


Based on my experience with the Surface Studio 2, there’s definitely something immersive and engaging about big displays at close range. I don’t have the space for something this wide, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it! If money was no object, that is…!

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