HP Dragonfly G2 pen issues

Has anyone been able to get a pen to work effectively with this convertible?

I can ink on graphical apps with no issues (whiteboard, PowerPoint annotations etc),…

…but as soon as I try handwriting into the windows input bar, I get huge lag, then the screen goes black, returns, then goes black again.

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Welcome @Andy_Bryant

I don’t have direct experience with the Dragonfly but we have a couple of customers that have one or two.

You may have checked this, but I’ve heard from those customers that the dragonfly ships with some immature firmware and drivers and that Windows update by itself doesn’t fully update the system. The HP support assistant should be already loaded on your system, but if not, it’s also available on the MS app store.

Using that, the customers got at least one firmware update as well as a bunch of driver updates.

I hope that helps…

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Thanks. Yes I’ve tried all of the drivers offered by Windows update and the HP support assistant.

I’m now trying the Intel Driver and Support assistant to see if the latest Intel display drivers address the issue.

Nope - latest bios, latest Intel drivers and latest from HPE all still give me the same issue…

I continue to update drivers when prompted, but to no avail.

Does anyone have a Dragonfly G2 and have they been able to get drawing/handwriting to work at all?

We have only a couple of these systems in our customer base that I’m aware of, and we have not seen any reports of any issues like you describe, but of course two devices is not a good representation.

The only other thing I can suggest to try, if you can, is another pen. The screen going black like you describe typically is caused by device enumeration crashing and restarting. If it does the same thing with a different pen, it’s highly likely your system has a manufacturing defect, possibly a compromised digitizer.

On the idea that it might be a manufacturing defect, does the pen behavior vary in any way in the devices postures? In other words have you tried it in tent mode, and laptop mode as well as tablet mode?

Unfortunately, the thinner the device, the tighter the tolerances and thus the possibility of something like a misaligned digitizer.

Thanks… Yes - that sounds quite feasible. I had previously assumed a driver issues, but with many driver updates and several different pens, I’m still seeing the same issue.