How should we use tags for product lines and models?

Question, a lot of tags are clear and obvious (e.g. tags for brands), but I’m less sure of how to use tags for model names.

Does the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 8th gen need a tag “Lenovo-ThinkPad-X1-Yoga-8th-gen”, or just separate tags Lenovo, X1, and Yoga? Seems like the forum is small enough that we don’t need tags for exact model numbers (I’ve been adding release year though).

Another example, do the different surface models require tags like “Surface-Laptop-Studio”, or do we have a separate tag for the product line and the product name. That would be fine for Surface, Laptop-Studio, but maybe a bit odd looking for Surface, Pro. I’m undecided! Thoughts?

Maybe separate tags for product lines, and for ambiguous model names (like “Pro”) repeat the product line (Surface, Surface-Pro)?

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Another use of tags: stick key product features in there, like @Marty did here:

If we do that consistently, you could conveniently search for all EMR supporting tablets with a kickstand. Could get a bit unwieldy (long list of tags on every product thread) but it’s an interesting thought.


Actually, around the time of the Doom of Valyria TPCR, @Hifihedgehog and I planned a standard scheme for product threads to follow on the OP:

  1. Tagged with CPU, GPU, Digitizer, and niche features like: Kickstand, Silo, Upgradeable (Storage/RAM), OLED, Non-PWM (for IPS screens);
  2. OP should list the specifications (or in the case of an unreleased product, the OP should be edited to include specs are they are published);
  3. Maybe implement a “pinned post” feature that reposts very informative posts (benchmarks/charts, detailed user reviews) buried in the thread, right after the OP.

That way, all the most relevant information is immediately available to users and we could eventually build a scraping algorithm for opening posts that auto-populates a wiki (another long-term plan Sonic and I discussed :wink: ).