Have to admit... I really like the Slim Pen 2 a lot

So, I’ve got a new SLS to replace my lemon GB Pro2 360 (got a full refund for that one!). I definitely went into it thinking that I was compromising on the pen because I was getting so much else that I liked. But after a week or two, I’ve got to say- the Slim Pen 2 is very nice. I’m quite surprised by my reaction, because I’m normally quite a EMR snob.

I think the placement of the side-button is a shame- it’s so hard to reach ergonomically it’s like it’s not even there. But I like the very gently rubberized but still firm tip. It softens the tapping and it give just a bit of drag. In art programs (I use Sketchbook Pro), the pressure curve is very nice and it’s very responsive and curves are coming out smooth and nuanced. It’s nice to hold and work with.

Additionally, I’m using the back eraser- something I’ve not done in probably 10 years. It started out of necessity, because the side-button is in such a stupid spot, but the truth is that I don’t mind shifting it around the way I thought I would. I think it’s because the pen is so short? It makes rotating it quick and easy, and I figured out you don’t have to fully rotate it either- you can erase with it at an angle. The gentle texture of the rubberized eraser is nice too.

Mostly- it’s just good. It works really well. Color me surprised. I really went in with mediocre expectations and it blew them out of the water. I don’t mind using it at all. I actually quite like it.

Tick mark in the win box for MS.


Yea. I like it as well.

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I also like it, but:

  • I do find it too tippy tappy
  • the pressure needed to activate the top button is excessive
  • side button placement is indeed dumb. I don’t use it. If anything I’d like to map it to “highlighter” in Drawboard, not sure if possible.
  • Divet behind the pen on the SLS please

Repeating myself, but mapping the rear button short press to “enter”, long press to “close document”, and double press to “open OneNote” makes me feel like a wizard every time I use it. :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh! “Enter” is a very good idea. So simple. But I find using the text box a pain. Very finnicky. Clicking the back of the pen after using it would make great sene.

Yeah, for me the main use case for me was opening say five PDFs at once. I can easily select them by touch, but it wasn’t easy to choose ‘open’ for those selected files. Now I just select them, press the back of the pen which sends ‘enter’, and that opens them all at once in Drawboard.

Full disclosure, I did have to use AutoHotKey, because I didn’t see an option in the pen settings to send a keystroke. Solution: write an ahk script that just sends enter, and use the “open a program” option for the pen customization settings.

The mega advanced ahk script:

Send {Enter}