Hanvon E-note with homegrown Stylus

And ridiculously expensive for what it actually offer. 10.3" with unknown 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of LPDDR4X memory, 32GB of storage for 429$? They must be out of there mind if they think this actually sell.

I’m pretty sure the pen tech is what used by Xp-Pen/Huion which while had gotten good still didn’t reach Wacom level. Coupled with the spec that should be from 10 years ago, this device would be unusable in 2022 even with light usage.


Me thinks the high peice is set so that resellers can offer huge discounts. It won’t be long before they are available for $199.99.

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Weird. No touch that the reviewer could tell in the video, but has a UI that looks to be touch centric and interacts with the pen.

If the price drops though, it might be a fun sketchbook. Size looks good for carrying around and still being big enough for a good sized sketchbook.

I wouldn’t buy it for sketching. The unknown quad core procesor and 2GB RAM was just meh for Android in 2022. Android eat up a lot of RAM, I doubt third party drawing app run well on it.

SuperDisplay might be viable but unless you just gonna keep this as a desk bound screen. Of course if it get into sub 200$ then I would probably buy one to get a first e-ink device into my collection.

Yeah, I would only consider it if it was sub $200.