Google to start promoting/highlighting "Tablet Optimized" apps

This is a good thing, but really, they are just now starting to do this? Apple did this since the launch of the IPad :frowning:

Google Play Store will promote tablet apps with “quality” ranking | Ars Technica

BTW: Hey Micrsoft, you ought to consider this as well. though pickings might be slim…

It may be genius. After all these years, apps that properly size the window and UI to the larger canvas tablet. It could look like sudden genius instead of the lagging neglect it is.

I would love to know the relative sales of “Fire” type tablets relative to all the others - so @Bishop could be right - users have not had, nor expected, full tablet interfaces to begin with…

We don’t really have much case to deal with fire tablets in our market, but my best Buy contacts have told us that they are the second bestselling tablets, unit wise behind the IPads, beating out Samsung by a good margin. Though Samsung has been making headway recently with the A series line.

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