Google Play Books sooo far behind the curve

Since there isn’t a section for Software I guess this goes under the OS moniker. Google Play Books is super easy for sideloading books. Since I scan a bunch of old books that aren’t available as e-books this is a killer feature since my reading is synced over several device, including my iPad. However, the reading experience on the iPad is far superior to Android for one simple reason, multi-lingual support. The only dictionary allowed in Android is English, so not that useful when reading books in Japanese or Korean. The iPad gives me both native definitions and English translations.
So why don’t I just restrict my reading to the iPad? Samsung Notes for one reason, if I’m reading for a project that requires a lot of note taking and comparison between the same source in different languages I simply can’t do it on the iPad. Google has said that multi-lingual support is in the pipeline since at keast 2018. They have it in the OS, why not just implement that? Boggles my mind.



Found your answer there.

I use ReadEra on Android, but that’s not on iOS and doesn’t have a dictionary.

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I’ve installed that too but Japanese books look strange in it.