General Gripes About the State of Software (feel free to add yours)

So this is more an example of IMHO an obvious integration fail with Apple’s IOS products.

One of the marquee features of the Apple Watch 8 is sleep tracking. As part of setting that up, it asks you to select a go to bed and wake time and will even provide reminders for the “go to bed” part of that.

And the alerts/reminders are automatically extended to the iPhone. So why in the world do I get a message on my iPhone when I put it on the charger for the night, that “smart charging will complete at 7:00 am” when I have told my watch and health app that I start my day at 6:00 am???

For good or bad, I’m like most folks in that one of the very first things I do when I awake is check my phone.

I had no clue Evernote stopped supporting inking. Way back in the day I used it for all my creative writing, both hand written quick notes, and typed out drafts. I stopped using it when my HTC Flyer went kaput and I didn’t have a reason to use the inking anymore for awhile. I also had finished my creative writing classes and just let it slip. Years later, when I got into a writer’s group we all shared our work on Google docs, so it wasn’t until a couple years ago, when I started a personal project that I tried to use it again and found out their pricing model wasn’t going to work for my 3 devices. Really stinks the bad choices they’ve made. I loved Evernote back in the day.


Subscription Price Comparison

$ 69/yr All of Microsoft 365 - Personal, including 1TB OneDrive
$ 72/yr Goodreader - iPad
$119/yr Noteshelf - iPad
$179/yr Evernote Personal
$659/yr Adobe Creative Cloud - Windows

I’ve never been an Adobe user, so, I wasn’t aware they’d run out to that kind of number. I guess that’s a goal for Evernote.


Procreate doesn’t require a subscription. It’s a one time charge of $12.99 (though when I bought it it was $9.99) It’s the main reason I wonder at the subscription model. How does Procreate continue to do it with a one time price so low? I’ve gotten tons of updates in the past 3.5 years of having it for $10 and it’s far and away my most used app on my IPP. I like CSP better, but only use it for finishing pieces. Procreate is just so much faster to open up and sketch out an idea real quick.

Anyway, yeah, Adobe is my bane right now. I’m working on 2 projects that must be saved as .ai files, which is going to cost me $25 just to convert them unless I can find a better option. And, yeah, that’s a relatively small amount, but it’s annoying that I didn’t do any of the work in Illustrator, but because the company I’m sending them to requires .ai files, I have to pay Adobe JUST FOR THE FILE TYPE!

Also, side note, the reason I use OneDrive is because of their pricing model with the 1TB. It’s what gives me the most headache since I don’t want to pay for storage both with apple cloud and OneDrive, and MS has such a better deal. The things I do to save money…


I think they ALL want to get there. In fact, rumor has it that you’ll be able to bundle Apple’s pro apps for iPad with your Apple One subscription next year. Wonderful - $49.99/motht or $499 a year for all the iTunes et al you can stand…

You can get the Family Pack $100 per year, with SIX accounts and 1TB OneDrive cloud storage for EACH of those six accounts. You can’t beat that deal anywhere.


Yeah, if I needed the family pack, I would jump all over it. I still might if we fill up our current TB of storage. Right now my wife uses Office for homeschooling, and uses the storage for backing up photos from her phone. I use a relatively small portion of storage for my artwork and my much smaller phone photo backup but have no need for Office.

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Thanks for catching my error. I deleted it.

That’ll be the end of my iPad


Sorry, wrong thread

Remember when Programs were called Programs? Not APPs.


Yes. Apps were what you had on your IPhone or IPad.


Possibly the first use in publication was by John C. Dvorak in 1989:

And if he was comfortable enough with the term to use it in print then it must’ve been used informally for quite a while before then.

Typical English progression—words tend to become reduced in complexity over time. “Application program”* or “software application” became “application” then became “app”. It used to irk me but I’ve gotten over it, along with so very many other word changes of form and usage since I was young.

But I put my foot down on using “posture” for the mode or physical orientation of an electronic device! It’s just wrong. :wink: (Fortunately it looks like that misuse of the word will die with the Duo… we can hope!)

*—not all programs are applications.


Man I must be crazy then. I never heard the word “app” associated with the following computers: Apple IIe, Commodore 64, Whatever-that-IBM-was-with-16-colors, Windows PCs with Pentiums through at least the 5th gen intel, Macs through at least the 2015ish macbooks…

In fact, that might be why software sucks now. Its like they need it to be for dumb people.

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It was quite common on the NeXT in that timeframe, and believe earlier, possibly spurred by the .app extension being used for software application bundles.

I can’t find it in writing but I know I remember our old friend Thurrott pontificating that “app” came from “applet” not “application” because it was a derogatory term to distinguish true multipurpose applications from single (narrow) focused applets on pseudo-computers - aka smartphones.

If that is true, then I agree that M$'s mobile versions (phone/tablet) of Office 365 are apps…


They will always be programs to me.

TV, or what you get when you go to theatre will always be ‘programmes’ though.


My misgivings about Skype seem to resonate with people. :sweat_smile: Biggest karma boost I’ve had in a while.


Sounds about right.

Skype was horriffic.