General Gripes About the State of Software (feel free to add yours)

Only half? Tell us how you really feel…

Just to rub salt in the wound, think what an Amiga would be today with NEARLY 30 YEARS OF UPGRADING? It could have been mind boggling…


Man! That would be amazing. The Amiga was so ahead of its time. I still remember Test Drive on that thing. I was in awe as a kid.


That was so exciting. Great stuff. I will say, I don’t think I’ve ever had more viruses on my machines than during the Amiga days! :sweat_smile:


I guess I’m feeling gripey.

Why oh why did MS make Windows Hello and PIN login separate screens? Why not have both available at the same time?

Every time my SLS in tablet mode uselessly stares at the ceiling to try and find me, I need to wait for that to fail before I am offered to use my PIN. That, or I need to manually switch to another logon method. Gah!

It would be so easy to accept key presses while Windows Hello is doing its thing. Correct PIN pressed? Skip Hello. Face recognized? Ignore PIN.

Seems easy, will not be fixed.


OK - I can top that -

Why the h#ll in the latest version of Win11 does touching the bottom edge of the screen with my writing hand either activate a task bar application, or if I hide the taskbar, constantly pop up the onscreen keyboard?


Just found out my new frustration: Samsung agressive app killing. My newer, 12 GB RAM newer note can only hold less than half the apps open compared to my 2 years older 6 GB RAM note phone. What is the point of upgrading to newer hardware but the multi-tasking experience get worse? :upside_down_face:

Same thing happened on my tab S7 FE. I know it only had 4GB RAM, but I did nothing intensive, drawing in 1-2 layers on a small canvas in CSP. Just leave it a bit too long to write a gmail to client and pop, CSP reloaded and I lost my progress. I’m positive it have nothing to do with the lack of memory as other than CSP and a mail client, nothing was open. My older 3GB RAM phone could do better than this, let alone all the RAM plus jagon Samsung was touting.

Did follow some online instructions and disabled battery optimization by default, but even then, if I left CSP windows to do other thing longer than 15 min, it will reload again, even if I left no drawing on the screen.

I probably complained about this before, but given that Apple TV runs on Apple’s own ARM chips, it’s a little annoying that it won’t run on WOA.


But tell me you’re really not surprised…

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Actually from what we hear, its a DRM compatibility issue that Qualcomm with the SQ2 and earlier chips don’t fully implement.

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The little three letter word that is a four letter expletive in disguise…

Or right, I think you told me that earlier. Still annoying from a consumer perspective.

OK - so NOW what do we do about an exploit in Outlook that doesn’t even require you to PREVIEW - just deliver to your Inbox and bingo, you’re toast?

Maybe we have passed the point of no return and unplugging is the only option…


Then I think you are going to be even more alarmed by what is looking to be a core flaw in Intel’s WIFI 6 capable chipsets where a bad actor could possibly send a BIOS/Firmware payload as the user is authenticating to the network.

We were just alerted to the possibility of this yesterday, but much remains unknown if it is practically possible and/or has already been exploited.

Though I expect ARS Technica to have an alarmist article about this any minute now… :slight_smile:

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Two buttons in the Windows Store. The left one installs all the shown updates. The right one probably checks for updates, right? Nope, it checks for available updates, and then installs everything already shown and whatever else the check found. Perfect!


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Yeah, that’s been bugging me for ages.

In the quest for brevity, they made it ambiguous. If you think about it, they both do make sense but it isn’t immediately clear.

Though, ummmm, does the update list not update itself? If it does, there should be no need for two buttons.


To make it even more confusing, that same part of the Store app states this:

They can solve it by making the blue button a little larger, and labeling it “Check for any and all updates, and install everything immediately whether you want to or not”.


Because EVERYBODY know the new code is EASIER to troubleshoot and NEVER breaks ANYTHING /sarc

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