For sale: Surface Pro 8 i5/16GB/1TB with Keyboard, slim pen, warranty

For those who haven’t been watching my insane back and forth between the MacBook Pro 14 + iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 8, Apple won and the Surface Pro 8 goes to eBay Heaven (or H*ll as I usually call it) with a stop here for my friends at a discount until Wednesday, when it goes on eBay.

  1. Surface Pro 8 [Graphite; i5; Windows 11; 16gb RAM; 1tb SSD (a Kioxia (Toshiba) which came from original owner along with the original Microsoft 256gb drive and USB restore drive); WiFi only]; black Alcantara Type Cover and Surface Slim Pen; and Surface Dock 1 (the original model); original retail boxes.

  2. Used, with Microsoft complete care warranty until 10/06/2023

  3. Pictures

  1. Price - $1100 (eBay listing will be $1400)

  2. PayPal (friends and family) or cleared check pre-payment

  3. U.S. Sales Only - Priority Mail Medium Rate Box (Seller Paid)

  4. eBay User dkstrauss (since 06/10/98 - 334 /100%)

  5. Additional comments about the item: Reason for sale and warranty information are above. It’s a great system, but I drank the Apple Kool-Aid and with this sale will be sentenced to Apple-traz (with a smile on my face).

Attention Buyers: Please do not offer less than what the original poster asked for unless they specify “Best Offer” or “Nearest Offer”. If you have a question about the price of an item please private message the original poster.


Great deal yet again! Let me think, how much to I really like my SLS? :vb-grin:


With the rumor that August 4th is AMD’s big “reveal day,” I might have a 5950X and a 3090 FE on here for sale to offload to the community in preparation for upgrading to a 7950X and next-gen NVIDIA or AMD card in next couple of months.


Hey - move along old buddy - don’t jinx my sale…


Might be good to rename the thread to something less fun, like “For sale: Surface Pro 8 16GB/1TB with Keyboard, slim pen, warranty”


Thanks - good suggestion.

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