FMV LOOX Series 13.3"

Fujitsu (or is it ‘Fujitsu’ now?) are still trucking along with their tablets.

They seem very sleek now, especially the keyboards. The prices are a bit silly, as ever, and of course they haven’t gone back to EMR (it’s AES).

What would Yodobashi or Bic Camera charge?

More it would seem.

Dang, that is just osoroshii.

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Yes, so desuyone.

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Fanless: Equipped with 12th generation Intel® Ten cores processor, 12th Gen i7.Intel IrisX graphics, 7.5 mm thick. Wonder how they solved the heat management?

EDIT: There’s also an i5 version.

OLED, 600 grams (1.3lbs) naked. This is as close as I’ve ever seen to Windows on an iPad frame, @dstrauss, and some proprietary “side car” like screen chaining with other PCs.

Why’d it have to be 16:9?!

Nothing about battery life. This must be the point where it goes bad. It’s beautiful

Shut your eyes Marion, DON’T LOOK, no matter what.



“12 hours”