Favorite accessory vendors and accessories and features

Ages ago, I used to wish that I had more money to spend w/ Levenger (and am typing this on a spinning reading stand from Levenger, and use a Levenger lap desk when working in the living room, and carry a “Palm Notes Case” to use as a blotter, and have a small set of tools in a “Safety Case” (which was modeled on the cases used for the tools carried by knitting machine mechanics).

Curious what they will come up w/ for the Kindle Scribe (when I checked just now, their site is off-line for an up-date).

The first case for the Kindle Scribe has turned up on Etsy, but it’s really wide (the felt sleeve looks a bit nicer) — I suspect that the placement of the stylus above/below the unit as on the official case is going to become standard.

Who else do you look to for 3rd party accessories? Where else should I be looking at for 3rd party cases for the Kindle Scribe?